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Channel: walawala | Date: 29 August 2017
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SHINEE ONEW (DOTS) - I lost the ring

Channel: noone | Date: 21 September 2016
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SHINee's [Best] Leader Onew

Channel: Dubu Dirori | Date: 16 August 2017
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[HD] Rainy Blue (ONEW SOLO) - SHINee - ToKyo Dome

Channel: SHINeeGirl | Date: 19 October 2016
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130826 Onew funny scene !!!

Channel: victoria yesung | Date: 10 September 2013
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(Weekly Idol EP.272)Strong guy 'SHINEE's ONEW ver.2

Channel: ALL THE K-POP | Date: 12 October 2016
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[K-NETS DISCUSS] Netizens worried for SHINee's Onew after Jonghuyn's passing!

Channel: Abiz - Entertainment Buzz | Date: 21 December 2017
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170222 BLACKPINK reaction to Onew speech @ Gaon Chart Awards

Channel: 闪瞎的蒸鸡饭 | Date: 31 July 2017
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170804 Music Bank in Singapore - Onew (SHINee) - You are my Everything (FULL)

Channel: h0neystars | Date: 04 August 2017
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130608 Onew vs Sunggyu

Channel: thechasers7 | Date: 09 June 2013
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