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Download (10.23 MB) Not Fuckin Around (Feat. Ground Up)

Not Fuckin Around (Feat. Ground Up)

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Judul Not Fuckin Around (Feat. Ground Up)
File ID 139770266
Ukuran 10.23 MB
Durasi 05:19
Diupload 2014/03/15 22:52:51
Tayang 599321
Oleh Marty Grimes Music
Tayang 599321
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Not Fuckin Around (Feat. @groundupsounds)

Produced by @KDEProductions
Mixed by @KDEProductions


(Chrous: Marty Grimes)
I'm sitting on a cloud
I'm puffin on loud and I'm holding shit down
You know we run things when we come into town
With a click full of hounds
Know they ain't fuckin around
Ain't Fuckin around
At the top like
My homies gonna hold me down
At the stop light
Like how they gonna stop me now
Can't stop me now
Nor knock me now
Prolly people from my city say they taught me how
But don't believe it
That's the demons
Tryna knock me out
But I'm putting in work
They can't clock me out

(Verse 1: Marty Grimes)
Pops said I had to get it
If you wanna live the way you wanna live
Then he said dont forget us
Gotta always recognize who your family is
Been that way since day 1
Still with the same niggas from k1
The only difference is we just might blaze one
Never been a punk mama ain't raised one
That's who I be now
These niggas can't see me all senile
Gold thrown just like I'm king T now
Better know I call the shots on speed dial
A lesson
They gonna learn one
A second
I don't think these little niggas earned one
Gotta make this better so I churn one
If it ever is a problem we can burn one
Rap past high school
Class past term 1
Little nigga coming cleaner then detergent
Fresh to death
Up next to best
With my record press
They gonna cut the check
Imma cop the lex
Need a yacht and a vest
With a diamond Rolex
And drop the top on the jet

(Chrous: Marty Grimes)

(Verse 2: Ground Up - Azar)
Can't stop me now
Can't stop me now
I'm Hakeem in the post
You can't box me out
I was down on the block
With an ounce in my sock
Down on my luck
Tryna bounce from the cops
Way back then that was ages ago
Now I ride around Gettin paid for a show
Now I understand that we really got it made
Everywhere I go now Philly to the bay
Every day is intense Thats a camp out
All these long ass nights with my weed lit
Listen now sittin down imma stand out
Funny how these loudmouths turn speechless

(Verse 3: Ground Up - Malakai)
Swear im in my element when the nights low
Don’t it sound like pipe smoke and Bordeaux
Expensive taste come from hanging round these white folks
Cheese plates with my new bitch downtown
Really just a pow wow
In it for a bow wow
She ain't really love me though
Wanna be my honey pop but I know where the honey grow
I go where the money grow
Told her I would build and empire
And she wasn’t inspired
She say im too proud
With my chest out and my weed to loud
Really I only do it cause I know it ain't allowed
Baby the only thing above I is a brow

(Chrous: Marty Grimes)

(Verse 4: Marty Grimes)
I been working all day
Tryna make a dollar outta dime though
I been sweatin all day
But shit they told me if I sweat imma shine though
Nah, never stressin
Cause im knowin that I’m here for a reason
Nah, never second guessing been had a solid team since preseason
And its game time
Got me feelin like Michael game 6 bout to bring the rain time
And I put so many clouds in the air up here
Got me on a fucking life time hang time
I ain’t coming down on my high horse
High in the Porsche
And it ain’t mine
Just swingin with my niggas in the mean time
Tell my mom she gon make it we gon be fine
On a mission, mission to make a milli
From the ground up that’s my niggas from philly
Yah feel me?
Paid in full
Money makin’ Marty bitch
These niggas barely spittin
While Im hockin’shit
Talk that shit, walk that shit
Bred by the realest
Even on anesthetics you guaranteed to feel it
Imma kill it
Murder 187
And when they lookin’ for me im somewhere

(Chrous: Marty Grimes)


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